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iMovie 1.x

iMovie 1.x (1999)

iMovie is a video editing software developed and published by Apple. iMovie 1.0.1 shipped with the Blueberry, Grape, Tangerine, Strawberry and Lime iMac DVs in 1999.  

iMovie 6 HD 6.5.1

iMovie 6 HD 6.5.1 (2006)

iMovie HD 6.5.1 latest version of iMovie to have the timeline before iMovie 08' changed it all.

InterActual Player

InterActual Player (2005)

InterActual Player, known originally as PC Friendly, was a media player program for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X, included on some DVDs with movie files. In addition to providing DVD playback control it makes available extra material on some DVDs,...

iREZ Reel Eyes

iREZ Reel Eyes (2000)

iREZ Reel-Eyes is a video capture software.  It can capture movies and stills from USB and Firewire cameras and offers many features for audio/video compression, cropping, fullscreen playback and play during record.  


MacVCD (2000)

MacVCD is an easy, convenient way to play VCD movies on your Macintosh. It features:     Full screen display, even on large monitors     VCD format recognition and automatic file chaining     Auto...

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