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Easy Grade Pro 3.5.5a

Easy Grade Pro 3.5.5a (1999)

Easy Grade Pro (EGP) is a cross-platform gradebook application for teachers to keep their students' grades, print progress reports, manage class rosters, create seating charts, and all other aspects of running a classroom.  Assignments can...

Educational Assortment

Educational Assortment (1995)

Various educational and scientific apps, some for children, most for everybody: xSortLab 1.1 Triangle Solver v1.1 PentiuMath Simulator Lunar Eclipse Bullfrog  Math Bullfrog Chem Fizio Inigo Gets Out Inigo Takes a...

eMate Classroom Exchange

eMate Classroom Exchange (1997)

The eMate Classroom Exchange software allows you to connect one or several eMates to a Mac OS computer and transfer information between the eMate devices and the computer simultaneously. Using the eMate Classroom Exchange software, you...

Geo Logo

Geo Logo (1995)

Geo Logo is one of those early 90's Logo Writer clone in which you script simple commands to move a turtle and draw shapes.  This kind of software was commonly found in school computer labs for students to start learning programming...

Kid Pix 2.5

Kid Pix 2.5 (1996)

Fantastic Art and Creativity software for kids and adults.  This version works well in emulation.  It is identical to the drawing portion in Kid Pix Studio.

Logo Writer 2.0

Logo Writer 2.0 (1991)

Logo Writer 2.0 is educational software in which you control a control via text input commands and units such as "forward 50" which makes the turtle walk forward by 50 units, drawing a line all along each step you make it go to. ...


LogoMation (1992)

LogoMation is an educational programming language by which you make the computer draw shapes using very simple scripted commands such as "forward" followed by a number that represents the number of units to move.  For example in...

Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing - Version 17

Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing - Version 17 (2005)

Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing, version 17 is a software training program built on a proven core curriculum. Using this great technology at home, in the office, or at school helps you develop excellent typing skills.

Music FUN(damentals) 1.0

Music FUN(damentals) 1.0 (1989)

Music FUN(damentals) is a music learning application. This is the DEMO version.  If you've got the full version, please upload it here or report in the chat.  

Piano Sim

Piano Sim (1992)

PianoSim is a music instrument simulation with full music input and edit ability. You can use mouse click (sweep) or keystroke to play music real time. You can choose your favorite instrument from a panel of choices, including piano, bell, flute,...

Time Teller

Time Teller (1986)

TimeTeller will help you learn how to tell time.  You can use it three different ways by selecting one of the following from the "Option" menu: "Show Me" : TimeTeller will talk and ask you to show it a particular...

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