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Mac Keyboard

Mac Keyboard (1986)

MacKeyboard lets you use your keyboard as a crude piano.  It's monophonic tough, so only 1 note can be played at a time; pressing another note before the sound ends will cut the playing note and begin playing the new note.  You can,...


mAC3dec (2002)

mAC3dec is an AC-3 audio decoder for the Macintosh, used to decode the AC-3 audio used on DVDs and convert to AIFF or MP3. mAC3dec can also read QuickTime files, AIFFs, WAVs, Audio CD tracks, and more.    


MacCRO PPC (1999)

From the ReadMe File: "MacCRO is a simple, easy-to-use audio frequency oscilloscope and spectrum analyser for the Macintosh. It works at audio frequencies only, but it has a major advantage over a "real" oscilloscope: low cost. While...

MacDrumset 1.01

MacDrumset 1.01 (1998)

This is free Funware. Start up the program, and hit a key listed in the control window, then the program plays the corresponding sound. Not every one can afford a drum set just to play around and see what funky beats they can make.


MacMikMod (1995)

MacMikMod is a Macintosh version of MikMod and this Mac version is a very basic Amiga MOD music player. MacMikMod seems to support .mod and .s3m files. It does not seem to support .it, .xm, .mid, .med and it even freezes completely when tested...

MacRecorder (HyperSound & SoundEdit)

MacRecorder (HyperSound & SoundEdit) (1989)

Sound recording software for use with the MacRecorder system. The MacRecorder device is a sound input interface for early Macintosh machines that plugged into a serial port (since early machines did not have a microphone port). I believe the...

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