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Talk (and Talkd)

Talk (and Talkd) (1993)

Talk & Talkd are a Macintosh implementation of the Un*x Talk protocol.  They are compatible with BSD 4.3 Talk (ntalk), as well as with some versions of 4.2 Talk (otalk), in particular, they are compatible with the Sun's current...


Texplore (1995)

Texplore is a text editor with a macros engine, so you can customize text blocks and have them inserted at the click of a button. Texplore was used to create very early web pages in the mid 1990's but was very soon rendered obsolete by HTML,...

The Palace

The Palace (1996)

The Palace was an unique, cross browser, visual chat experience client/server software suite. In the end of the 90's, The Palace was an innovative chat solution where you could connect to an array of different themed servers and take place as...

Timbuktu Pro 2.0

Timbuktu Pro 2.0 (1995)

Timbuktu Pro 2.0 is the second version of the popular remote desktop suite.  It comes on 5 floppy disk images.  

Timbuktu Pro 6.0.3 (OS9) & 5.2.4 (OS8)

Timbuktu Pro 6.0.3 (OS9) & 5.2.4 (OS8) (2001)

Timbuktu Pro is absolutely the best remote control or VNC-like suite for PPC Macs.  It offered seamless integration between Windows and Macs allowing file exchanges on all drives, an email-like message system with file attachments, a VOIP-like...

Timbuktu Pro 8.8.5

Timbuktu Pro 8.8.5 (2013)

Overview This DMG contains Timbuktu Pro 8.8.5, a version compatible with modern Intel versions of Mac OS X; including macOS Sierra. Once installed and running, you will be able to take control of OS 8 and OS 9 versions of Timbuktu (i.e. <=...

tn3270 (IBM 3270 terminal emulator)

tn3270 (IBM 3270 terminal emulator) (1991)

tn3270 allows a Macintosh computer with a TCP/IP network connection to negotiate a Telnet session emulating an IBM 3270 terminal.  Features of the emulation include color, extended highlighting, APL and 3179-compatible graphics.  When a...

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