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MacExplorer 68K

MacExplorer 68K (2020)
(Modified on 2020-12-18 13:55:42)

MacExplorer 68K is a little freeware app made by @that-ben that aims to fill a small software gap in the 1990's 68K world in which there was no Windows Explorer-like utility available for System 7.  In the late 1990's, there were a...

MakPak I

MakPak I (2017)
(Modified on 2017-09-02 18:34:11)

Mak Pak I Build your own vintage mac! So I spent a while on this... (Yes, I know this is not software, but it gives you some way to run it!) and I made a kit to make your own mini vmac! Credits to:...


MugShot (1989)
(Added on 2020-04-03 14:48:55)

Mug Shot is a diagnostic aid for programmers and developers of the products you use. If a bug or other glitch should occur while using an application, Mug Shot can be used as a problem description form. When Mug Shot is launched, you are given...

MacVerter Metric

MacVerter Metric (1995)
(Added on 2020-04-06 13:47:19)

MacVerter Metric: metric conversion for the Macintosh.  Type numbers in any field and watch them converted before your very eyes!

Misc 68K Font Tools & Utilities

Misc 68K Font Tools & Utilities (1991)
(Added on 2017-08-25 08:23:35)

Approximately 20 random font tools and utilities ranging from 1985 to 1991 therefore for 68K Macs.  Some of these are desk accessories, others just informative text documents.  There are a couple font viewers/testers too.  Sorry for...

Macintosh Explorer

Macintosh Explorer (1999)
(Modified on 2020-12-01 08:19:45)

Macintosh Explorer, developped by Rage Software, a Canadian, Toronto based software company, launched in 1999 and quickly made fans who were used to a Windows-like Explorer interface.  The software kept on improving almost every other year...

MacBinary II+

MacBinary II+ (1993)
(Modified on 2020-04-08 08:37:53)

MacBinary II+ is a System 7 drag & drop converter for MacBinary files. Simply drop a MacBinary file on it and it will be decoded, drop any other file or folder on it and it will be encoded.


MenuChoice (1991)
(Modified on 2020-04-06 14:15:35)

MenuChoice is a control panel device which enables hierarchical menus under the Apple menu.  With it, you can open applications, control panel devices, and documents of all kinds quickly and easily using your Apple menu.  Before Apple...

MacReporter 1.1.4

MacReporter 1.1.4 (2003)
(Modified on 2018-03-17 22:57:14)

The Internet brought us into a new age of information. It is now much quicker to receive and share news and articles. If it contributed to our everyday life as a tremendous added value, the Internet’s growth eventually turned this advantage...

ManThor 1.0

ManThor 1.0 (2001)
(Modified on 2018-03-17 22:56:08)

manThor is a manfile viewer for Mac OS X, written in Objective-C using the Cocoa Framework. If you don't know what a manfile is try typing 'man' into the upper left field of the manThor application and press enter.

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