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Colorforms Computer Fun Set

Colorforms Computer Fun Set (1994)
(Added on 2020-04-06 14:45:42)

A fun drawing and animation program with many built-in backgrounds and clip-art. Object-oriented so things are (re)moveable.  Sound effect can be added as well as recording your own

DYOH Architecture

DYOH Architecture (1992)
(Added on 2020-04-05 11:01:14)

Design Your Own Home Architectire Object-oriented  floor planning

ArtBeat Professional (Demo)

ArtBeat Professional (Demo) (1992)
(Added on 2020-04-02 12:51:12)

ArtBeat Professional  is an object-oriented drawing program from Pie Practical Solutions Inc. It  offers vast capabilities and features at  an affordable price. Its  astonishing speed,  easy to use interface and dedicated...

Alphie 1.1

Alphie 1.1 (1997)
(Added on 2020-02-08 12:07:03)

Alphie is a highly customizable alphabet-drawing program that should be welcomed by anyone teaching children or adults their ABC’s.  Four editable print/script fonts may be copied or traced and provisions exist for creating your very own.

Contours 1.0 (68k and PPC)

Contours 1.0 (68k and PPC) (1998)
(Added on 2020-02-08 12:27:48)

Contours version 1.0 is the initial release of the Contours program. The program is designed to ease the making of two dimension maps that can be used in 3D programs. The program makes two dimension images that can be used as bump, reflection,...

Adobe Photoshop LE 4.0

Adobe Photoshop LE 4.0 (1997)
(Modified on 2021-02-06 15:59:00)

LE version including Try out versions of Pagemaker, Illustrator, Premiere and Streamline. Serial: SDM401B7306389-350

Pixelmator 2.0

Pixelmator 2.0 (2011)
(Modified on 2021-03-19 22:27:49)

Edit photos like a pro, create vectors, watermarks, web designs, and more!

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