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Save a BNDL

Save a BNDL (1992)

Save a BNDL gets the Finder to recognize changes in a file's BNDL resource without requiring rebuilding the Desktop or rebooting.  All you have to do is drag and drop a file on it.  Save a BNDL also has a button to restart the Finder...

Scheme Factory (Kaleidoscope editor)

Scheme Factory (Kaleidoscope editor) (2002)

From the Read Me file back in 2001: The version of Scheme Factory that you have right now is a preview release version of what we hope will be the next generation Kaleidoscope scheme editor. You'll find that Scheme Factory offers a clean and...


Scrambler (1986)

Scrambler lets you open a text file that contains a list (just words/sentences on a new line each) and mixes the order randomly.  You can then save the file or scramble it so more.  

Screen Ruler 2.x

Screen Ruler 2.x (1995)

Screen Ruler is a nice little tool that displays an horizontal or vertical ruler on your screen.  You can drag/move it anywhere you want and Screen Ruler lets you change its units from: pixels, picas, centimeters or inches.  


ScreenMan (1993)

ScreenMan is a very nice little control panel which lets you easily import, browse and set startup screen pictures that will display in the background while your Mac OS boots up (while it's loading extensions).  It accepts PICT picture...

ScreenSnap 2.x

ScreenSnap 2.x (1992)

ScreenSnap 2.4 lets you take a snapshot of any rectangular portion of the Macintosh screen and save it in a window for later use.  Once created, the snapshot can be inverted, moved, saved as a PICT file, copied to the Clipboard (and pasted into...


Scrollability (1997)

Scrollability allows for easy scrolling, by hovering the mouse to the top or bottom edge of an active scrollable window or by "grab scroll" by approaching the same boundaries and clicking and holding when the hand cursor appears. It's...

SCSI Specialist

SCSI Specialist (1992)

SCSI Specialist is used for installing and maintaining SCSI peripherals on the Macintosh.  

SD Card Recovery for Mac

SD Card Recovery for Mac (2019)

SD Card Recovery is an easy to use data recovery software designed specially for SD Cards users, It provides the most reliable and completely safe method to recover lost, deleted, corrupted or formatted photos from SD card in all types, including...


SeatingChart (1997)

This utility program helps teachers quickly and easily generate student seating charts.  Its major features include the ability to: •  Input names of students from your favorite word processor •  Adjust row and seat...


Segue (2003)

A utility to convert mov, dv and avi files interchangeably. Requires Quicktime, see compatibility notes.

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