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Cabrio (2005)

A simple MP3 player with a playlist and lots of skins.

Canon 2

Canon 2 (1993)

Canon 2 is a small (20KB!) utility that allows you to play one or more `AIFF' or `snd ' sounds in the background (or foreground). You can add a collection of sounds to the play list, alter the order of the play list, remove selected sounds...


ChordCombat (1997)

ChordCombat is a set of tools for the beginning and intermediate guitarist to use. It contains a chord dictionary with over 6000 chords, including full fingering information. It also contains a set of chord theory pages, a chord builder that...

Coaster 1.1.3

Coaster 1.1.3 (2001)

Coaster is a little direct-to-disk recording utility writing standard AIFF files. It features setting of input source, sample rate and sample size, mono/stereo selection, input gain, etc.


ConcertWare (0)

Disk images are in dc42 and DART format. Works with emulators and Floppy Emu. From the VintageMicros collection.


ConcertWare+ (1985)

ConcertWare+ allowed you to make music with up to four monophonic voices. The waveforms of each voice could be drawn with a mouse or by adding/removing harmonics, giving it a lot of flexibility for its time. It also had a sequencer based on standard...

Cornica SensePack for QuickTime(TM)

Cornica SensePack for QuickTime(TM) (2005)

Cornica SensePack is a collection of video and audio codecs for use in QuickTime™ 5.0.5 or later. All the codecs were retrieved from Macintosh Garden, the internet itself and from installation media. The objective is to give the user a great tool...

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