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Can E.T. Go Home?

Can E.T. Go Home? (1986)

Can ET Go Home? - An application that enables you to calculate the amount of time required to make a round trip between Earth and any distance away from earth that is measured in light years.

2000 (2000)

What is It's a cat. Why is I dunno. How much is Free. Why don't you call it iCat? I like things that start with "i". Please go away.  

Chameleon 2.x

Chameleon 2.x (1992)

Chameleon 2 was a nice utility to change your desktop's pattern.  With Chameleon 2 you could create, edit with an in place pixel grid editor and apply/install desktop patterns permanently, as well as browse and IMPORT "ppat"...


Citgo (1985)

Citgo is a freeware animation program that shows the famous Citgo sign in Boston's Kenmore Square. Backbay is a version modified in 1991 by Jeff Strobel, with the addition of the silhouetted woman disrobing.

ClickChange 1.x

ClickChange 1.x (1990)

ClickChange is an early 90's utility for customizing the user interface of your Mac.  It allowed a very wide variety of customizations such as color AND animated cursors, windows, menus and other GUI colors, events sound effects and much...

ClickChange 2.0

ClickChange 2.0 (1992)

ClickChange is a utility for customizing a user's Mac interface. cite


Clock (1984)

Clock is probably the most basic screensaver app you can get: it displays a big B&W digital clock ticking every second.  Clock is a very early Macintosh application, being released in June 2nd, 1984.  The only cool thing about it is...

Conan the Librarian

Conan the Librarian (1992)

"Conan the librarian" is a virtual librarian; it listens to the ambient sound level and badgers you pipe down. Conan get's progressively more annoyed as you continue to be loud, and calms down as you respond to it's exhortations...

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