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Classilla (2009)
(Modified on 2019-08-19 11:42:29)

Classilla is literally the best and most up to date web browser that can be used on Mac OS 8.6 or 9.x.  Classilla is also open source and thus, free.  It was derived from Mozilla Internet Suite, which emerged itself from Netscape...


Camino (2002)
(Modified on 2019-06-24 10:08:29)

Camino is a web browser for PowerPC that is fast, simple and powerful.  The first release was version 0.1 in 2002. Note: Camino is a failed product  

ClarisWorks 4.x

ClarisWorks 4.x (1996)
(Modified on 2020-04-14 18:25:37)

Good old Clarisworks. Better in one significant way than MS-office: there is a 'drawing' style document which is effectively a page layout tool similar to MS-publisher, but actually usable. Perfectly serviceable office suite includeing...

Cyberdog 1.2.1

Cyberdog 1.2.1 (1996)
(Modified on 2020-04-09 07:57:15)

Cyberdog is a suite of Internet components that allows you to browse the World Wide Web, receive and send e-mail, read articles from Usenet newsgroups, browse AppleTalk zones and servers, exchange files with FTP, and log into other computers with...

Cookie Dog

Cookie Dog (2000)
(Modified on 2017-09-20 18:48:02)

Cookie Dog is an application that helps you manage the cookies set by "Internet Explorer". Cookie Dog allows you to delete all or a selection of those cookies, with the option to delete them automatically and to exclude your preferred...

Claris Emailer 2.x

Claris Emailer 2.x (1998)
(Modified on 2020-04-07 06:15:25)

Address Book Extractor (AOL3_0Addressextractor.sea) This utility quickly exports all the addresses from the AOL 3.0 address book to a file that can be imported by Claris Emailer 2.0. This utility is only necessary with the 3.0 version of AOL...

ChatNet 2.3

ChatNet 2.3 (2000)
(Added on 2017-08-12 19:19:01)

ChatNet provides the simplest Macintosh interface to chat and send files on the Internet or a Local Area Network. ChatNet offers two modes for chat. The AppleTalk Mode allows multiple Macintosh computers running ChatNet to chat or send files on a...

Chat 2.1

Chat 2.1 (1995)
(Added on 2017-08-13 11:09:09)

Chat 2.1 is a TCP/IP chat server for Mac similar to IRC style chat.  

Cyberdog 2.0

Cyberdog 2.0 (1997)
(Modified on 2018-02-11 14:35:01)

Cyberdog is an OpenDoc based Internet-Application including a browser and an e-mail component. The browser component was quickly outdated and as there weren't any updates, it became quite useless soon. However, some ideas of the software were...

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