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FutureBASIC (1992)

FutureBASIC is a complete Basic integrated developement environment (IDE) in which you can write Basic scripts, run, debug and compile to fully standalone Macintosh applications. Compiled applications are very small in size, compared to ones...


FutureBASIC II (1998)

FB is primarily composed of two pieces of software and is supported by thousands of files. The two pieces that do most of the work are the Editor and the Compiler. Editor: The editor is where code is typed. It's like a word processor built...

Harvest C 1.3

Harvest C 1.3 (1993)

Harvest C is a integrated development environment for Mac that came with its own source code.  With Harvest C, you can compile, run and debug your Macintosh applications, written in C.  It can generate native 68020 and 68881 binary...


HexEdit (1993)

HexEdit is a hexdump viewer and editor that works similarly to the hex editor provided with Apple's ResEdit.  It allows you to edit either the data fork or the resource fork of a file.  HexEdit offers a find command, a goto address...

HTML Form Parser 1.0b3

HTML Form Parser 1.0b3 (1996)

HTML Form Parser is a utility to parse the output of HTML forms. You would get the output mailed to you, for example, and the extension will parse all the nasty little ASCII codes for non-alpha characters into characters. I use it in combination...

Hyper Stacks

Hyper Stacks (1994)

Hyper Stacks is a big collection of HyperCard stacks ranging from late 1980's to the early 1990's.  Hyper Stacks contains demo and tutorial HyperCard stacks to help you develop your own projects using HyperCard.  Moreover, it...

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