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Shoebill (A/UX 68K emulator)

Shoebill (A/UX 68K emulator) (2014)

Shoebill is a Macintosh II emulator that runs A/UX.  Its development is stalled since 2015 due the developper being under a conflictual work contract. Supports A/UX 1.1.1 through 3.1 (and 3.1.1 a little) Implements 68020 CPU...


sixtyforce (2000)

Sixtyforce is a N64 emulator that supports Mac OS 8.1 or higher on PowerPC (and later on Intel) CPU's.  

SoftPC Entry-Level 2.5.1

SoftPC Entry-Level 2.5.1 (1991)

SoftPC Entry-Level 2.5.1 is SoftPC 2.5.1 that was optimized exclusively for Classic, LC, SE, Portable, or Plus Macintosh models ONLY. Consider using SoftPC Universal instead.  

SoftPC Universal (2.5 + 3.0)

SoftPC Universal (2.5 + 3.0) (1992)

SoftPC Universal 3.0 is another SoftPC 386 emulator.  The SoftPC Universal edition has CGA color (and EGA). Comes with DOS 5.0 pre-installed.  Supports up to 2 virtual floppy drives, up to 2 virtual hard drives and up to 4 network...

SoftWindows 3.0

SoftWindows 3.0 (1996)

SoftWindows is a Dos and Windows emulator for Macintosh. For image files of Dos 5 and Windows 3.1, both in English, take a look at the bottom download on that page.  

SoftWindows 95

SoftWindows 95 (1997)

SoftWindows is an x86 emulator for PowerPC classic Mac OS that comes packaged with a disk image containing an installation of Windows 95.

SoftWindows 98

SoftWindows 98 (1998)

SoftWindows 98 is an x86 emulator for Power Macintoshes that allows you to run Windows 98 programs on your Mac.

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