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Calendar2000 Folder

Calendar2000 Folder (2000)

Why Calendar2000? Unlike most Mac calendars, Calendar2000 displays its date outside the Mac epoch. Can display calendars from the year 1 to the year 99999.  (Most programs begin their displays with the year 1904.) Change the...


Camino (2002)

Camino is a web browser for PowerPC that is fast, simple and powerful.  The first release was version 0.1 in 2002. Note: Camino is a failed product  

Caml Light 0.74

Caml Light 0.74 (1997)

Caml-Light Caml-light is an implementation of the CAML dialect of the ML language. It can be found at This is a product of the Cristal Project at INRIA. Overview: Caml Light is a small, portable...

Can E.T. Go Home?

Can E.T. Go Home? (1986)

Can ET Go Home? - An application that enables you to calculate the amount of time required to make a round trip between Earth and any distance away from earth that is measured in light years.  


CandyBar (2002)

Trick out your Trashcan. Decorate your Drives. Mix up Mail. CandyBar 2 lets you change the Mac OS X icons you usually can't! System Icons  Change more icons, without logging out Application Icons  Now modify apps, toolbars,...

Canon 2

Canon 2 (1993)

Canon 2 is a small (20KB!) utility that allows you to play one or more `AIFF' or `snd ' sounds in the background (or foreground). You can add a collection of sounds to the play list, alter the order of the play list, remove selected sounds...

CanOpener 1.0

CanOpener 1.0 (1989)

CanOpener lets an user extract various resources such as text, pictures, icons, etc... from any file or app. Similar to ResEdit, but read only. See also:  CanOpener 4.0  

CanOpener 3.x

CanOpener 3.x (1996)

CanOpener gives you emergency access to any file! It lets you read any file - and copy anything you find, text & pictures! It's perfect for browsing all types of files, including foreign files and files your Mac can't open, and...

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