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Wait Time

Wait Time (1990)

Wait Time is a utility that lets you set the the period of time your Macintosh waits before searching the SCSI bus for a bootable hard disk drive.  If the wait time is too short, internal drives that take several seconds to spin up to speed may...



WALLPAPER is fascinating - those intricate patterns repeating over and over again.  Then you quickly tire and wish for a change.  Here, the computer's random number generator, coupled with geometric symmetry, provides and endless...

Wapp Pro

Wapp Pro (2002)

Wapp pro is a freeware windows/applications switcher. It's stable and very customizable (supports diiferent positions on menubar and also hotkeys, also features exclusion lists). It's a good companion for those that want more features to...


WeatherPop (2001)

WeatherPop was a popular menu bar application that displayed current temperature and weather conditions in a beautifully unobtrusive manner. To install, drag WeatherPop to your Applications folder and double-click. If you have...

Web Archive Converter

Web Archive Converter (1999)

Web Archive Converter is a super small utility that takes a MS Internet Explorer for Mac archive (when you save a whole web page as a single file) and converts it to ZIP format, for use universally (Windows, DOS, Mac, etc...)  

Windows (Menu)

Windows (Menu) (1989)

This is an INIT/control panel extension that will add a windows menu to the finder and other applications. Windows "knows" some applications that do not need a 'Windows' menu, either because they support only one window at a...

Word Translator 1.7

Word Translator 1.7 (1995)

This utility app bundles English-Spanish word translation.  You can look up words in real time by typing the search box see instantly see the translation on the right box.  

WordCoach 2.1

WordCoach 2.1 (1999)

This program is a simple word trainer, which helps you to learn foreign words. For this job, the application is limited to the basic functions. That means, you must answer a question. Then the program check your answer and show you the result.

WorkStrip X

WorkStrip X (2003)

 WorkStrip is a full Dock alternative as well as a system wide productivity enhancement and file management tool that provides a raft of innovative features including: Multiple workspaces to keep project-related items in a...

World Calendar 1.0

World Calendar 1.0 (1998)

World Calendar can convert between 11 different calendar systems, and displays a list of holidays from each of those calendars. Calendar systems that World Calendar can easily convert between are:      o ...

WristMac 2.5.1

WristMac 2.5.1 (1988)

This software - HyperCard stack - is the data organizer for Seiko WristMac (RC-4500). The calendar, alarm, phone number are all set in this software then send to WristMac. More


WriteFontSize (1991)

WriteFontSize is a desk accessory (DA) for the Macintosh. Character ASCII lookup and display, plus char map

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