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Pacifist (2003)

Pacifist is a shareware replacement for the built-in package manager for Mac OS X

PC Exchange

PC Exchange (1992)

PC Exchange is a control panel for the classic Mac OS that lets the operating system mount FAT file systems and mapped file extensions to the user-defined type and creator...

Personal Decision

Personal Decision (0)

Disk images are in dc42 and DART format. Works with emulators and Floppy Emu. From the VintageMicros collection.

PGP 6.5.1

PGP 6.5.1 (1999)

PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) is industry-standard encryption software. Version 6.5.1 is capable of using keys up to 3072 bits long. It adds a cryptography menu to many applications, including the Finder. The download includes the installation binary,...


Pict2Ascii (1993)

Pict2Ascii is a nice little freeware utility that takes a JPEG (or any QuickTime supported image format) and instantly turns it into an ASCII text document that looks like the image.  You can also set the font family and size as well as set a...


PictScaler (2001)

PictScaler is a small utility that lets you drag and drop PICT files on it (such as classic MacOS screenshots) and then lets you scale them using a single click or by dragging.  The single click presets formats are: 32x32 icon, 16x16 small...

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