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Shutdown Remote

Shutdown Remote (1993)

Shutdown Extension & Shutdown Remote were developed to restart or shutdown a Macintosh over a network. They were first intended to be used with ARA servers that activate with a phone call (such as those using Sophisticated Circuits...


ShuttlePilot (1993)

ShuttlePilot ============ Keeping multiple copies of files stored on separate media or separate machines up to date whenever a change is made to one of the copies is an old problem. Recently with the proliferation of PowerBooks and the rising...


SignPost (1994)

Karten und Routing-Software für den größten Teil Europas ca 1993 Maps and routing software for most of Europe ca. 1993


Sim020 (1991)

Sim020 v0.1 by Boris Klug 1990 This cdev is a 68020 cpu emulation for the "little" Macintoshes like the Classic, SE or Plus. Simply drop it into your system folder and restart. After the boot some 68020 application will work on your...


SimpleBackup (1996)

SimpleBackup is a small shareware utility that lets a user set aliases of folders they want backed up and then all the user has to do is launch the utility app and the backup process automatically starts. There are no options to automatically...


SixtyFourSwitcher (2011)

SixtyFourSwitcher is a preference pane that makes it easy for users to switch between booting using the 32-bit version of the Mac OS X kernel and the corresponding 64-bit version. The 64-bit kernel is internally faster than the 32-bit kernel due to...

Skeleton Key

Skeleton Key (2001)

Have you ever had a bunch of locked files that you needed unlocked? If so, you probably had to select one, select "Get Info" from the "File Menu", uncheck the "Locked" checkbox, and then repeat the process a dozen...

Sleeper 1.x

Sleeper 1.x (1995)

Sleeper gives desktop Macintoshes two "sleep" features found in portable Macs: Hard disks will spin down after a given amount of inactivity The screen can be dimmed after a set amount of idle time Sleeper's hot key also...

Smart Calendar 2.x

Smart Calendar 2.x (1990)

Smart Calendar is an INIT/DA combination.  The file "SmartCal INIT" must be put in the System Folder.  "SmartCal DA" must be loaded using your usual DA method, and will create a file called "SmartCal Notes" in...

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