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Bootman (1990)

Bootman is designed to display and edit the values of three different Macintosh System parameters: System Heap Size, Maximum Number of Open Files, and Maximum Number of O/S Events. The values for these parameters are stored in an area...


BrickHouse (2001)

BrickHouse is a shareware firewall program for Mac OS X.

Buck's Serial Number Generator (BSNG) 3.0.2

Buck's Serial Number Generator (BSNG) 3.0.2 (1999)

Buck's Serial Number Generator is an extensive collection of serial number generator modules put together in a nice quick interface, letting you generate serial for more than 300 commercial apps from the 90's.  


BuildUp (1997)

Gestione della produzione di agenzie di pubblicità e marketing.   Production management of advertising and marketing agencies.

Burn 2.5

Burn 2.5 (1998)

Burn 2.5 is a configurable drag-and-drop file shredding utility.

Burn Barrel - Force Delete App

Burn Barrel - Force Delete App (2013)

Very effective in forcing Finder to delete stubborn files that are locked, have complicated permissions or other problems items like those pesky zip-files.

Button Builder 2.6

Button Builder 2.6 (2001)

Button Builder 2, the easiest way to create cool buttons for websites, multimedia projects, presentations and even for use in Filemaker databases.

ButtonMaker 2.0

ButtonMaker 2.0 (2001)

ButtonMaker is designed to assist webmasters in making buttons from various Operating Systems and other popular appearances.  Basically, all it does is display a blank button from one of the presets and lets you insert a label on top of...


CacheHit (1995)

The CacheHit program is designed to help you test memory access speeds on your PowerMac. It does not require a second level(L2) cache.  

Calc X

Calc X (2001)

Calc X is two things. First, it's a calculator that has decimal, hexadecimal, octal, and binary functionality. When you switch from mode to mode, an area on the keypad that holds functions specific for your current mode change. For example, in...

Calculator II

Calculator II (1993)

Calculator II is a pleasant looking color multi-function calculator that runs as an application under system 6.x or System 7.  The calculator was written as an application to be run under MultiFinder or System 7 alongside other...

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