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AsyncKeys! 1.6

AsyncKeys! 1.6 (2001)

AsyncKeys! is a little utility that displays the exact keyboard reference number and ASCII equivalent for any keystroke or key combination you press.  Note that if you chagne the layout of your keyboard (i.e. from the US keyboard to the French...

Auction Action Tracker

Auction Action Tracker (1995)

Auction Action Tracker is a very useful utility for organizing, monitoring, and bidding on eBay auctions. Auction Action Tracker will store auctions in an item list, and will allow you to sort, view current information, and bid on these items. As an...

Auto Text Typer

Auto Text Typer (2002)

AutoTextTyper is a contextual menu plugin that lets you quickly and easily add commonly used text, such as e-mail addresses, Web sites, addresses, company names, signatures, form letters and more, to a list of items in a contextual menu. You can...


AutoDelete (1999)

AD is an application to delete unnecessary and reoccurring files, such as your internet browser's cache files, which in turn may litter your hard disk. Obviously you may delete any files/folders you wish e.g. redundant log files or whatever... A...

AutoDoubler 1.0

AutoDoubler 1.0 (1992)

AutoDoubler 1.0.5 comes with those utilities: AD Verify/Repair Desktop Reset ReBNDLer DiskTester Double Doubler 1.0.5 was a floppy disk physically labeled AutoDoubler, but it contained AutoDoubler 1.0.5 and DiskDoubler 3.7.4.

AutoDoubler 2.0

AutoDoubler 2.0 (1992)

AutoDoubler 2.0 comes with these utilities: AutoDoubler Internal Compressor DD Expand DD Verify/Repair Desktop Reset DiskTester Lock Unlock  


AviFourCCChangerX (2002)

This program is for manipulating FourCC codes found in AVI files. This means if you have some problems watching a Divx;) movie maybe the wrong codec is used, try changing it with this program, AviFourCCChanger is freeware.

B's Crew

B's Crew (1997)

SCSI/ATA Driver & Utility along the lines of Silverlining, FWB HD Toolkit, etc, but more targeted at removable media drives like MO, SyQuest, Zip etc. This was the driver recommended by most (all?) Japanese SCSI MO (Magneto-Optical) drive...


Backup (2002)

Backup makes backing up copies of your important files simple and fast. You can use Backup to back up files to your iDisk, or to recordable CD or DVD discs. As per ATPM (About This Particular Macintosh) Apple touted Backup as one of...

Barba Batch v3.0

Barba Batch v3.0 (1999)

BarbaBatch is the ultimate batch soundfile conversion application for the Apple Macintosh. It is mainly aimed at the production of audio for multi media. With it you can easily manipulate large amounts of soundfiles. You can play and perform file...

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