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TimesTwo (1992)

TimesTwo is a disk compression software layer (driver) for early Mac OS.  

Toast CD-ROM Pro 2.5.6

Toast CD-ROM Pro 2.5.6 (1993)

Astarte Toast CD-ROM Pro was an early version of the most popular and versatile CD-ROM burning and imaging software for PowerPC Macs.  

Toast Titanium 6.1

Toast Titanium 6.1 (2005)

Roxio Toast is an Optical disc authoring and media conversion software application for Mac OS X. Its name is a play on the word burn, a term used for the writing of information onto a disc through the use of a laser. Discs can be burned directly...


ToolKit (2000)

ToolKit is a small utility app that displays a floating icons bar packed full of shortcuts and links to all kinds of Mac OS functionalities such as shut down, reboot, empty the trash, ejects disks, launch apps, display system info, etc...  

Track Thief

Track Thief (1996)

Track Thief is a small program for converting audio tracks on a CD to AIFF files on a hard disk. I wrote it because I couldn't find any programs that use the reliable buffering feature of Apple's CD driver to read audio data in streaming...


TrashScan (2000)

TrashScan is a intrusion-detection utility which monitors commonly-attacked TCP/IP ports.

TurboMem 1.1

TurboMem 1.1 (2001)

"Turbo Mem is a Mac optimization tool that defragments the system RAM to reclaim free of it that other apps are not using. It also works to accelerate the applications making use of a method called ‘turbo charge’. This method places...

Twitter WDT for PPC OSX

Twitter WDT for PPC OSX (2013)

Twitter WDT is an Applescript (PowerPC OSX 10.4) Twitter client based on Steven Frank's ( WebDesktop.  Since Twitter's new API came out this year, it has been very difficult to find a non-browser based way to use...

TypeIt4Me 4.0

TypeIt4Me 4.0 (1993)

I've used it since this version, and it's still around now in OS X. This early version is basically a simple text expander, where you define your own abbreviations (for common words and phrases, names, addresses, even entire paragraphs) and...

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