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What is Surfers Serials / Serial Box?

Serial Box is a large database of registration serials for old Macintosh programs.  Treasures of the past can now easily be unlocked and studied thanks to this database.  Without Serial Box, thousands of old shareware applications for which creators are out of business (or not even alive anymore) would not be accessible for historic purposes.


Download Surfers Serials / Serial Box for Mac

Serial_Box.sit (1.95 MiB / 2.05 MB)
SerialReader 2001 68K/PPC with Serial Box 08.2005
294 / 2016-09-24 / 55b9ac0f04705ee0cbdd2b7e73479c7cb219afcc
Serial_Box_(Surfers_Serials_for_OSX)_09.2002.sit (1.29 MiB / 1.35 MB)
SMX v0.6.1 for PPC (Mac OS X)
122 / 2016-09-10 / 2016-09-24 / e79d213546ee7da4f068f41b4913ef18afce7c40
Surfers_Serials_June_2002.sit (432.78 KiB / 443.17 KB)
Xreader v0.1.6 for PPC (Mac OS 9)
133 / 2016-09-10 / 2016-09-24 / df50316259452a441efb95e891da94838ac6c1f8


Motorola 68K

Compatibility notes

Architecture: 68K / PPC / PPC (carbonized for OSX)

Note: If you're using Xreader and it unexpedly quits when you open a large database, allocate more RAM to it.


Emulating this? It should run fine under: SheepShaver

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