2LavaLamps (AfterDark module)

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On: 2016-01-29 12:22:16
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What is 2LavaLamps (AfterDark module)?

2LavaLamps is a lava lamp screensaver module for AfterDark

Put on some polyester and lounge back on the Naugahyde® bean-bag chair,
turn on the blacklight and we'll dig some 8-track tapes and phonograph
records. Maybe burn some incense or those pachouli scented candles
floating in colored water while the beaded doorway gently sways
and rattles to the rhythm of the groove. So nice.

This module was Jacci's idea (Hi Jacci!). It's a pair of brand new
Lava Lamps for your Mac! Stereo Lava Lamps, man! Can you diggit?
It's designed to provide hours of hypnotic variations for your eyeballs
while your Mac (and your mind) sits idle. It will also provide an excuse
for slacking-off at work. You can just point to your screen and tell your
boss, "Sorry, man. I was just spacing out." Nobody can argue with that one.



Drop this module in your AfterDark Files folder, open AfterDark, select 2LavaLamps,
put on some appropriate music (I suggest Abba) and you're all set. Have fun and
try not to hurt anybody with this module, okay? Peace.

Download 2LavaLamps (AfterDark module) for Mac

2LavaLamps.sit (148.05 KB)
2LavaLamps (AfterDark module)
19 / 2016-01-29 / ee24c7aebede89c14b2421d90738cbcf130518fe

Compatibility notes

Requires AfterDark and a color monitor


Emulating this? It should run fine under: Basilisk II

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