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  • Box cover 
  • Box back 
  • Gameplay 
  • Welcome screen (choose scenario) 
  • Gameplay map overview 
  • Gameplay (B&W) 

What is SimCity Classic?

First city simulator. Very popular when in late 1980s and early 1990s before SimCity 2000. Original project name is Micropolis.

Source code (C language) for Unix version of this game is available (year 2012) and use name Micropolis, license GPLv3. In source code I find bug, only need one power plant connect/touch city. All other power plant not need touch any with city block but still give power for city.

Program divide game area become 16 sections and update 1 section each cycle. Can change grid size in code (example 1024 x 1024) and terrain generator still work. Can also add more airplanes fly same time too. Also all structs/data types declare in one file.

Search: micropolis-activity-source.tar

This web site not allow upload .tar file.

Download SimCity Classic for Mac

Sim_City_1.4.sit (1.18 MiB / 1.23 MB)
SimCity v1.4 color + Terrain editor v1.3 + SimCity Graphics Updater v1.4 / compressed w/ Stuffit
1741 / 2016-08-30 / c7b8d397ffe33e5143954167cf6363f49cd16df5 / /
SimCity-Bank.sit (9.47 KiB / 9.7 KB)
SimCity Bank v1.0 by David Sinclair (1991) / compressed w/ Stuffit
90 / 2017-12-15 / 7d4be55fd48481c0310dccd4b06202cd67cd9451 / /
SimCity-V1-3B-W.dsk (800 KiB / 819.2 KB)
SimCity v1.3 (for B&W Macs) boot + play disk / DSK image
92 / 2018-08-24 / 900116216125b176e71d54ac094b5141c010ada2 / /
Simcity_14g-1.dsk (1.41 MiB / 1.47 MB)
SimCity v1.4g No Copy Protection (for B&W Macs) Play Disk & Terrain Editor / DSK image
148 / 2018-08-26 / 0d2df201330fb85c88c228c6bd69a2019eaa6363 / /


Motorola 68K

Compatibility notes

Emulating this? It should run fine under: Basilisk II

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