Pre-Configured PearPC for Windows

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  • Mac OS 10.1 "Puma" running in PearPC with multible apps running 

What is Pre-Configured PearPC for Windows?

Warning: I do not recommend PearPC for any serious emulation, it's kind of sluggish, has no sound support and only emulates a G3 (You can emulate a G4, but Mac OS hates it)


Setup is easy. Extract the archive and drag the PearPC folder to your C Disk.


This is a "homemade" pre-configured version of PearPC. It has a 6GB hard disk with a fresh install of Mac OS 10.1 "Puma", which can be upgraded all the way up to version 10.4 "Tiger".


I put this together just for fun, I guess it's convient if you want to try out PearPC with zero configuration required.

Download Pre-Configured PearPC for Windows

(900.99 MiB / 944.76 MB)
Extract this to your C disk / Zipped
301 / 2022-10-30 / d22915e4d4578fe0ab506ecb3734f1f8c32ef447 / /


Intel x86-64

Compatibility notes

I accidently set the screen size in the operating system to 1920x1080, so if your montior does not support 1920x1080, you have to find the Display control panel.

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