Frankie's Dungeon

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What is Frankie's Dungeon?

Frankie's Dungeon was the initial full version of what was publicly distributed as "Wolves in the Woods" (also listed in the downloads).  It's a B&W side scrolling fighting game with many kinds of ennemies and dangers.  Frankie's Dungeon is filled with action and is over all a very hard game to beat.  You can also pick up more weapons, goodies, throwables and power ups along the way.  Frankie's Dungeon features 4 scenarios with different scrolling backgrounds and obstacles and hard to beat bosses at the end of the levels.

Frankie's Dungeon was sold and renamed as Creepy Castle shortly after being released.


Download Frankie's Dungeon for Mac

frankies_dungeon.sit (1.74 MiB / 1.82 MB)
Frankie's Dungeon / compressed w/ Stuffit
63 / 2015-07-13 / 2016-04-25 / 07fc406142d07324d30b606f4e31039cb59adf1a / /
Wolves_in_the_woods.sit (248.64 KiB / 254.6 KB)
Wolves in the Woods (the DEMO of Frankie's Dungeon) / compressed w/ Stuffit
17 / 2016-04-25 / 8bac5eb7cd83118e9bb7211bbe8c89cdf2753ae3 / /


Motorola 68K

Compatibility notes

Architecture: 68K

System 1.x - System 6.x

Note: This game only runs in B&W mode and most extensions need to be off, so it is advisable to boot from a bare-bone System 6.x (or 4.x) disk before attempting to run this.


Emulating this? It should run fine under: Basilisk II

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