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What is Virtual Pool?

Virtual Pool is impressive; rarely does a game package so realistically translate the intricacies of a sport into the virtual world and effectively teach the techniques and tricks necessary to play the sport in the real world. MacPlay will even give you your money back if your real pool skills do not improve after playing Virtual Pool.

Virtual Pool comes with a series of instructional videos on the history of pool, basic billiards techniques, and a dizzying array of trick shots. The videos could be more descriptive, but overall they provide informative and concise explanations of basic skills, including the effects of “English” and the how-to of kisses, combinations, and banks. The trick shot demonstrations allow you to try the shot on the virtual pool table. Beginners will glean valuable information from these lessons, and more experienced sharks will certainly learn a shot or two to impress their friends and intimidate their opponents.

The gameplay is great. There is nothing you can do with a real cue ball that you can’t do in Virtual Pool (short of throwing it at your opponent’s forehead). You can see the shot from nearly any angle; it takes a while to get the hang of it, but the payoff is surprisingly realistic. The background music included on the CD is also perfectly suited to the pool hall atmosphere with such faux classics as “Black Ball.”

Players can try any of the basic billiards games against a long list of computer opponents at different skill levels or against human opponents on the same computer, over a network, or via modem. Any way you play it, Virtual Pool offers true-to-life billiards action for players of any level.

Farkas, Bart. (March 1997). Virtual Pool. MacAddict. (pg. 79).

Download Virtual Pool for Mac

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System Requirements

From Mac OS 7.5

Compatibility notes

Minimum Requirements

  • PowerPC processor
  • 4.6 MB RAM available
  • 2 MB hard disk available
  • CD-ROM drive
  • 640 x 480, 8-bit color display
  • System 7.5.1

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