AudioTuneUp 2.0 (Mac OS 8.1 patch)

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What is AudioTuneUp 2.0 (Mac OS 8.1 patch)?

The AudioTuneUp 2.0 set of extensions fixes certain audio problems encountered on PCI-based Macintosh computers.


What are the AudioTuneUp 2.0 extensions?

These extensions fix the following audio problems:

· On PowerMac G3 and PowerMac 4400 models attempting to record from the external microphone using QuickTime does not work.
· On the PowerBook 3400c, PowerBook 2400c, and PowerBook G3 models sound sometimes does not play when running off of battery.
· On the PowerMacintosh 5400, PowerMacintosh 5500, Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh, PowerBook 2400c, PowerBook 3400c, and PowerBook G3 feedback occurs when attempting to use some applications to record audio from the internal microphone.


Who Needs to Install the AudioTuneUp 2.0 extensions?

These extensions are only necessary if you are encountering one of the problems described above. In general, these problems will only be present when running Mac OS 8.1. If you are using an earlier version of the operating system, these extensions should not be required. The exception is that a PowerMac G3 will need the extensions installed to make recordings with QuickTime even under Mac OS 8.0.

Download AudioTuneUp 2.0 (Mac OS 8.1 patch) for Mac

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System Requirements

From Mac OS 8.1 up to Mac OS 8.1

Compatibility notes

Architecture: PPC

Mac OS 8.1 (U.S. English)

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