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What is BitHeadz Unity DS-1?

BitHeadz Unity DS-1 is professional grade instrument and digital sampler application.  BitHeadz also features extensive MIDI implementation so you can use your MIDI compatible hardware to produce your samples.

This CD includes the follow apps:

  • Unity DS-1
  • Retro AS-1
  • Voodoo
  • Phazer

Unity DS-1, BitHeadz’ set of sampling and related software applications, turns your Mac into a state-of-the-art sampler, sound editor, synthesizer, and patch librarian at a fraction of what a hard- ware sampler costs. This killer app offers more than most samplers, and you can totally customize it for your specific needs.

Gigging musicians, bring your PowerBook and a MIDI keyboard to a job, and realize all the sounds and expression you’ve dreamed of. Take control of all the MIDI parameters live. Route a program’s filter resonance to the mod wheel, changing the timbre of a sound as you play. Layer up to 128 notes on a single key, and let the velocity of your playing determine which sound is heard. Select one of Unity DS-1’s global velocity tables to suit your touch. Express your creative brilliance on all 16 available MIDI channels.

Composers and studio engineers will appreciate the pro-quality, 48KHz, 24-bit sound; the ability to see Unity DS-1 program names within OMS-compatible sequencers; the utility that makes DS-1 files recognizable to PCs; and the 16-track mixer. Each mixer channel has its own automated settings for bank and program selection, volume, pan, mute, solo, and global effects. And integrating DS-1 into existing MIDI setups using QMS, FreeMIDI, or Sound Manager is easy.

A well-designed sound editor with digital signal processing and a great synthesizer engine that can use multisamples as oscillators should make any sound designer ecstatic. You can use AIFF, WAV, SD I or II, and CD audio files. Unity DS-1 also imports and maps Akai S1000 and S3000, DLS, Sound Font 2.0, and Sample Cell I and II instruments automatically. You can organize sounds into custom banks and programs for easy MIDI playback from a keyboard or sequencer, and record anything you play from a sequencer or the MIDI Processor to your hard drive as a sound file.

Even if you aren’t a professional musician, you’ll experience the fun of sampling a sound and tweaking it into something expressive, all at an affordable price. You don’t even need an external keyboard to play it back: The package’s Keyboard software does that. Let the great-sounding GM bank play back your MIDI files using the supplied QuickTime driver, and give your game playing and Web browsing a sonic boost.

Getting started in Unity DS-1 can be confusing, but the detailed and helpful PDF manual explains everything. Full AppleGuide help is also available in the Editor.

With Retro AS-1 (see Reviews, Jan/99, p52) and Unity DS-1, BitHeadz makes it possible to put a pro-quality music studio on your Mac. It’s an awesome accomplishment and an absolute blast.

Munsen, Judy. (May 1999). Unity DS-1 1.1.0. MacAddict. (pg. 58).

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System Requirements

From Mac OS 7.6 up to Mac OS 9.2

Compatibility notes

Architecture: PPC (120MHz or faster)

Mac OS 7.6.x - Mac OS 9.2.2


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