Mac OS 8.0 (Umax SuperMac C500 & C600 series v5.0)

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What is Mac OS 8.0 (Umax SuperMac C500 & C600 series v5.0)?

This release, one of the only to feature a fully-licensed version of Mac OS 8, came very late in the game for Umax's MacOS system business.  I recall shipping a fair number to customers on request, but very few, if any, of these likely made it to units for sale on store shelves.

From the original ReadMe file, written by yours truly over twenty years ago...

"This bootable CD provides all the necessary tools to rebuild your system, should you need to do so.

You will also find copies of all the additional software which has been pre-loaded onto the startup hard disk drive of your system, as well as additional software that you might find useful, or can use to create a customized system.

This CD is designed to be used with the SuperMac C500, C600, and C600x. You can use this CD to reinstall the system software on the C500, C600, and C600x. You will not be able to use some of the software installable from this CD on non-UMAX Computer Corporation systems. 


Inside the "SuperMac™ Extras" folder you will find the following additional software. These items are provided by UMAX Computer Corporation as a complement to your regular computing needs.

• FWB's Hard Disk Toolkit PE™ 2.0, an application for mounting, formatting, testing, and managing SCSI drives (not recommended for the IDE system startup drive).
• CD-ROM Toolkit™ 2.3.2 which contains an independent installer as well as several ReadMe files.
• MicroMat TechTool™ Pro from Micromat Computer Systems, the full version of the award-winning system diagnostic utility.
• Asanté NetDoubler is provided for systems that include an AsantéNIC™ 10baseT PCI ethernet card. NetDoubler enhances the data transfer rate of your computer when connected to an ethernet network.
• "Cache-22," "Clockometer," and "RAMometer," from Newer Technology's "Gauge" Series, a set of small applications that provide quick and simple hardware diagnostic capabilities;
• "EarSaver™" from Synthetic Productions, an absorbing soundscape and music "utili-tainment" product.
• TelePort Platinum V is provided for owners of a C600 specifically bundled with a TelePort Platinum Comm Slot Edition internal modem.
•  MegaPhone, from Cypress Research, allows the internal comm slot modem found in the C600 and C600x to function as a speakerphone.
• Adobe Acrobat 3.0.1 is the application used to view the various electronic user's guides located on this CD-ROM. In order to access these user's guides, you must first install Adobe Acrobat.
• SuperMac Goodies contain extra desktop pictures and desktop patterns with a UMAX SuperMac flavor.

Complete versions of the user guides for all third party software included with this computer can be found in digital, online format on your System CD as Portable Document Format (PDF) files. You will need Adobe's Acrobat Reader to view these documents; we have provided it for you on your System CD. You must first install Adobe Acrobat in order to access the user guides."


-Kennedy Brandt

January 5, 2018


Download Mac OS 8.0 (Umax SuperMac C500 & C600 series v5.0) for Mac

MacOS8forSuperMacV5.iso (345.3 MiB / 362.07 MB)
ISO image of the complete Master CD-ROM for Umax/SuperMac C500 & C600 computers, as well as for their ex-pat brethren like the "Apus" models.
5 / 2018-01-05 / 2018-01-08 / 550ad9eef405011649e080de8a4ae35928eba544 / 9011926-0001 /

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