Apple Product Introduction 1994

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What is Apple Product Introduction 1994?

As per the accompanying read me.


About this CD
This CD contains information and presentations of products for the October ´93 introduction.

The products that will be announced are: 
• Macintosh Performa 475
• Macintosh LC 475
• Macintosh Quadra 610
• Macintosh Quadra 650
• PowerBook Duo 250
• PowerBook Duo 270c
• DuoDock/MiniDock
• Portable Stylewriter
• Personal LaserWriter 300
• LaserWriter Select 360
• LaserWriter Pro 810
• System 7 Pro
• PowerBook File Assistant
• PowerShare Collaboration Servers

You also have access to a library of datasheets of live products in each country´s folder. You will find them in PageMaker 4.2 and Word 5.0 format.

Apple Product Catalogue is now available on this CD. 

Information about The Apple Volume License Program is also available.

The following software products are included:
• Teach Text 1.2 (S,N,F,D)
• Disk copy 4.2
• Picture Compressor 1.0
• Movie Player 1.0
• Aldus Page Maker 4.2 (S,N;F;D)
• Aldus Fetch 1.0
• Aldus Persuasion 2.1
• Adobe Illustrator 5.0
• Adobe Photoshop 2.5.1
• Microsoft Word 5.1

About Software and fonts
This folder contains software and fonts. You´ll find it in the General folder.
The general software (international versions) you´ll find directly in this folder.
In each country´s folder you´ll find the local version of TeachText and PageMaker 4.2. 
You´ll need PageMaker 4.2 to print the datasheets. Use the PostScript 
version of Apple Garamond fonts for the datasheets.

In your local folder you´ll find the items that are to be put in your own System Folder.
• The Aldus folder goes directly in your System Folder
• Put the Aldus Fetch extensions into the Preferences folder
• The folder Microsoft goes to the Extensions folder
• The file Word settings goes directly into your System Folder

In general, the Apple Garamond fonts are used. The product line briefs also use 
95 Helvetica black. The presentations use N Helvetica Narrow. You´ll find them in the Fonts folder.

About Pictures/Movies/Illustrations
Don´t forget to try out the software called Pictures/Movies/Illustrations. There you can easily find pictures, PhotoCD-pictures, QuickTime movies and illustrations of Apple products. You can do a search through a keyword and you will get a preview of all the pictures, illustrations, PhotoCD-pictures or QuickTime movies that match your description no matter what format they are created in. Click on one of the items and you´ll be able to view the picture in full size or to play the movie on the spot.

If you have problems in getting started with Fetch: check that the Fetch extensions are put in the Preferences folder. (Programinställningar/Indstillinger/Asetukset/Valg)

About printing datasheets
To printout the datasheets, use a LaserWriter IIg at least, preferably a LaserWriter Pro 630 or LaserWriter Pro 810.
You can use the same PPD-document when you print from PageMaker.


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